• World’s First Organic Chlorophyll Battery powers up with any liquid

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    With increased dependence on portable and remote-controlled gadgets, we cannot do without the batteries. Though we cannot change our wire-free lifestyle, we can atleast do our bit for the environment by switching to eco-friendly versions. Professor Chungpin Hovering Liao of National Formosa University in Taiwan has recently unveiled the latest green battery – World’s First Chlorophyll Organic Battery. It just needs to be wetted with any kinda liquid, juice, water, or any beverage and it can power your gadgets within 10 seconds. When no liquid is available on hand, even urine can be used to charge this organic battery.

    Depending on the wetness and usage, such a battery can provide electricity for two days to a week. Though the battery’s storage capacity is more than that of Japan’s water-powered fuel cells, it comes with one hitch. The strength of such a green, wet-charged battery is about half that of an ordinary battery. Returning back to its positive features let me tell you that it is designed to contain no toxic substances. Moreover when discarded with will not pose an environmental hazard.
    With affordable cost of production, US$.03 to US$.0.6, we hope to see such organic chlorophyll batteries pretty soon on the shelves.

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