• Wind energy powered watch uses mini-propeller to tell the time

  • We’ve seen cars, homes and electricity grids powered by energy from the wind, not watches! Designer Julien Moise’s wrist-watch design uses wind energy to power up. Sporting a clear blue display, to read the time, the wearer simply needs to blow air on the propeller-like mechanism surrounding the watch-face. The energy is used to show the time with a short visual sequence. This design grabbed our attention simply due to the fact that unlike almost every other time-keeping device we’ve come across or used, this one takes the cake in being different and unique, using a never-thought-of-before means to power up!

    Now this probably might not be the ideal wrist-watch to wear to work. You’d create a pretty silly impression on your colleagues by blowing on your wrist every time you check the time!

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