• Whirlpool to launch Green Generation range of energy efficient appliances

  • Whirlpool_green_generation.jpg Whirlpool is all set to offer the world a host of eco-friendly and environment-conscious appliances, the Whirlpool Green Generation, to be unveiled on the 28th of September this year in London. These energy efficient appliances offer some pretty jaw-dropping energy savings, equipped with cutting-edge 6th Sense technology. Take the Green Kitchen refrigerator for instance, that saves up to 46% more energy, using new insulation materials, variable capacity compressors and heat-exchangers with a better efficiency. Using a drawer design and trapping cold air inside these drawers, the refrigerator’s sensors also detect soil levels in water and keeps clean water from running down the drain, saving it in tanks instead.

    These green appliances are sure to grab hearts and find their place in kitchens world over soon. Good going Whirlpool!

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