• Watch out for Coca-Cola’s ozone-friendly vending machines soon

  • Coca-Cola_Logo_2003.jpg The next time you sip on your can of chilled Coca-Cola, give yourself a pat for saving the environment by using the cola company’s new ozone friendly vending machines. Coca-Cola has resolved to phase out their old vending machines using refrigerating systems that produce harmful hydro fluorocarbon (HFC) gases and replace them with HFC-free vending machines. This joint decision was made by Coca-Cola and the Greenpeace organization. These machines will use hydrocarbons for the smaller units and CO2 for the larger units instead of HFC’s. This reduces the damage done to the climate by a whopping 1,430 times.

    Coca-Cola will invest in 150,000 such vending machines and refrigerating systems in 2010 and aims to replace 50 percent off all its machines by 2012 and complete the entire project by 2015. Coca-Cola has installed around 10 million units worldwide which will all be replaced by environment friendly ones in the near future. This is yet another environmentalist step the company has taken after the transition to HFC-free insulation foam in 2006.

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