• Warning Bulb to warn you on lost energy and empty pockets

  • warning_bulb.jpg
    Designers Ga-Ye Kim, Young-Duk Song and Yoon-Sun Yang have invented something that can help you save electricity and money on bills. This is the Warning Bulb which does just that – warns you when you spend more than your given quota of electricity. How? By the use of a pre-paid card. What you do is, insert the card into a fuse box and that will allow you to know how much balance you have which is determined by electricity per minute. That in turn reflects how much money you will end up paying for your bill.

    The Warning Bulb has a W in the middle which goes on when you reach your limit and then you go refill or just stay in the dark until you are ready to refill. This is a grand thought. This way, not only will you have no surprise electricity cuts but also keep a watch on how much you are spending and how much energy you are saving.

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