• US Army plans for solar powered tents

  • Tent.jpgWe’ve heard of the US Army looking to go green before, greener than those green camouflages they wear. The last time, the Army was busy planning for net-zero bases and purchasing electric vehicles. This time, they’re considering solar-powered tents. The Army currently is evaluating flexible, portable, lightweight solar-powered shades and tent-like technologies, and the use of Flexible Photovoltaics (PV). These tents convert light to electricity, and shun the use of generators and gasoline. Also, the energy collected by the solar panels can be used to power up communication systems, computers and those cool night-vision goggles the Army guys use.

    So, in a short while from now, the Army will spend their nights in tents, collecting solar energy by the day, for use at night. The US Army sure is making an effort to decrease dependency on fossil fuels.

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