• Three Electric Networked-Vehicle by General Motors for the future

  • GM-EN-V-concepts.jpg
    Urban mobility will change if vehicles like these hit the road. These three electric concept vehicles (they use two wheels which aren’t inline, so we prefer calling them just “vehicles) by General Motors performs the same trick like the two wheeler Segway’s balancing act. Christened as the Jiao (Pride), Miao (Magic) and Xiao (Laugh), these EN-Vs (Electric Networked-Vehicle) will clear up congested grid locked city streets in future. The vehicles use an all electric two wheeled drivetrain with zero emissions. They also boast GPS, a set of cameras and sensors for autonomous driving and also vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity.

    These vehicles are powered by lithium-ion batteries and have a range of 40 miles on a single charge. They weigh just around 1,100 pounds; these bug-like little futuristic vehicles are bound to grab the attention of people stuck in gridlocked streets soon. GM’s marvelous trio will go on display at the SAIC-GM Pavilion at the World Expo in Shanghai beginning in May.

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