• The Shower Timer helps save on extra water consumption

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    Water shortages are now taking over our planet day by day. It isn’t unusual now to turn on the tap and have it go dry. David Sharples from the University of South Australia, City West, has the answer to all our water woes. A novel way to save water and shower, the designer is developing a shower with a timer. When a preset amount of time is elapsed, the water is cut off, thus helping in the reduction of water consumption. The timer operates mechanically with out the need of electricity and batteries. This makes it a cleaner and greener device to use that saves water. Made out of a recyclable material, the shower timer is strong enough to survive the impact of being dropped on a tile floor and the heat and pressure generated by the shower.

    Put together using friction fits and fasteners, the cylindrical shower timer has an indicator with large bold numbers and can be easily cleaned using a damp cloth. David’s shower timer will help save those precious few drops of water in the future.

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