• The reusable water polo arena designed for the 2012 Olympic Games

  • aquatics-centre-training-pool-1.jpg
    Water polo at the 2012 Olympic Games will be greener than ever, thanks to all the eco-conscious thought put into building the Water Polo Arena. The 5,000-seat venue can be packed up and moved to places whenever required owing to the fact that it is reusable and can be moved around in full or in pieces. The arena was designed by UK-based David Morley Architects and is asymmetrical. The venue will be wrapped in a silver membrane with translucent shard shaped panels and will use a rippling roof made of air-inflated recycled phthalate-free PVC cushions with added insulation and lower condensation levels. This one’s designed to be lightweight so that it can easily be moved around instead of having to build new pools every where.

    We just love the fact that this pool is reusable and can’t stop grinning thinking about just how much energy and costs will be saved using this one instead of building separate pools at different venues.

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