• The Mercedes Benz arty car with 10,000 recycled pens on it

  • Mercedes-Benz-arty-car-1.jpg
    And just when we thought we’d had a perfect day, a car drove past, and drew a line across our clothes. But we couldn’t help but smile at it. And that’s because this Mercedes Benz, has an astounding amount of recycled pens stuck on to it. Maybe not the best way to recycle pens, taken that they just won’t write anymore, this one sure is amusing and innovative though. It took a whole five years for Costas Schuler to cover up his beloved Benz with more than 10,000 pens from all around the world. The 1981 300SD Mercedes Benz has pens glued all over, inside and outside, smartly leaving out the windshield, by the designer, a resident of Forestville, California.

    Schuler took up the love for car art after stumbling upon a book in a library, and decided to pimp up his Benz with the pens. Who’d want a paintjob, when you could simply glue on pens to your car!

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