• The Enoki Rome Ecocity, a self-sustained city in Rome

  • Enoki.jpg
    Imagine giant flower petals in the middle of your metropolitan city, with people living in it! Now this does remind of little forest fairies living in flowers and their stems. We aren’t talking about forest fairies though. We’re talking about real people, living in buildings like these! Future housing could gain inspiration from the Enoki Rome Ecocity. With all the developments in energy conservation, aerodynamics, environmental solutions and material science, this sure seems to be a possibility some time in future.

    The Enoki, installed in Rome by OFL Architecture, keeps the historical outlook of the city and is a self-contained cities, housing residential areas and commercial spaces, space for greener and sports and cultural activities. Steel diamond-shaped panels form the Enoki’s outer surfaces, and the city can nestle 6,000 residents with 240,000 square meters of area and an additional 300,000 square meters for recreation. A few of these around the globe in some of the worl’s major cities could prove to be a great way to living.

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