• The eco-friendly Transcendence hybrid yacht by Sauter Design

  • Yacht.jpgNothing gets better than an environment-loving and eco-friendly yacht. The hi-performance mega yacht industry could now have a greener future with this brand new development, all set to sail the seas. The Transcendence, a motor yacht by Sauter Design is innovatively designed and has carbon-offsetting qualities too! Which means it can perform just well enough to keep that smile on your sea-faring faces, and wipe out a considerable amount of its carbon footprint too.

    The yacht, Transcendence, is a 4,000 ton per year Certified Carbon Offset Project. The degree of CO2 levels reduced by this mega yacht is at par with the yearly carbon footprint of 1000 people across the globe. The 49 meter yacht uses a Mercedes Benz / MTU Bluetec diesel electric engines and a hi-tech Solar Hybrid design, helping it clean up its act in the bargain. With a maximum speed of 25 knots, this yacht is sure to keep the waters blue.

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