• The battery-operated Anti-Terrorist Assault Cart is launched to tackle terror

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    Though it resembles a golf buggy, this $45,000 battery-operated Anti-Terrorist Assault Cart (ATAC) is a mean beast in disguise. Designed to overcome the limitations of armed forces to tackle terrorism and war-like situations in urban setup, this mini armored car can be navigated in cramped spaces like airports, hotels or stadiums. Manufactured Metaltech Motor Bodies Pvt Ltd., it comes with four firing ports and is compact enough to fit inside elevators too. Fitted with bullet-proof windows, this armored vehicle can withstand grenade blasts too. However let’s talk about its green feature too. The ATAC can last for six hours on a single charge with a top speed of 25 km an hour.

    Inspired by the terrorist attacks of 2008 in Mumbai, this Anti-Terrorist Assault Cart (ATAC) can carry two fully-armed security personnel. The company said it was offering the prototype for trials with the sponsors of the Commonwealth Games to be held in November in New Delhi and to India’s elite National Security Guards.
    [Times Of India]

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