• Thames and Kosmos’ Power House educates regarding alternate energy

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    Well, you don’t really need to rip open your expensive photovoltaic cell up on your roof, just to figure out how it functions. You can now simply go buy yourself a Power House. This little kit by Thames and Kosmos teaches you about alternative energy and allows you to experiment with it. The kit enables you to perform at least 100 experiments related to alternative energy use. The Power House requires simple assembling and has experiments related to heating, cooling, conduction, convection, and insulation too. It also has a passive solar energy collection system, wind turbines a greenhouse and a 64-page, full-color experiment manual.

    A great way to learn the workings of alternative energy, this one is sure to keep you busy for a while, and is meant for ages 10 and above. You sure wouldn’t want your little one swallowing up a solar panel after all.

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