• Telesom introduces solar powered cell phones in Somaliland.

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    Aware of the fact that 80% of the population of Somaliland lives in areas with either unreliable or no access to electricity, Telesom, one of the leading telecom operators of the country, has introduced solar powered mobile systems. Farah Sugal, Innovation Director, said that although Telesom had a huge customer base in rural areas, many were frustrated because they had to send their mobile phones to big towns or cities just for the sole purpose of recharging. Citing this problem, Telesom introduced solar rechargeable handsets at a very affordable of cost of only $30-U.S. Dollars. Telesom, one of the most respected names of the country, had also been the first company to introduce mobile banking services for the people.

    Along with improving the quality of life of people in its country, Telesom has also helped the community at large by its brilliant energy conserving innovation!

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