• Super Soaker – Beat the heat while keeping it green

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    The Super Soaker is the ultimate weapon in water warfare; after all there is no better way to beat the immense heat this summer than annihilating your lawn intruders. The only downside is that like with all water guns you eventually have to refill it, which can leave you vulnerable to soakings from the enemy. But instead of coming with a water reservoir tank, the Super Soaker Bottle Shot allows you to screw on a standard plastic bottle instead. In fact it can even accommodate a 2 liter pop bottle allowing you to reuse them as back up liquid ammunition for when you’re in the heat of battle. The downside is that the Super Soaker Bottle Shot only works on a pump by pump basis. So every time you pump the handle, it fires a 20 foot stream of water.

    The traditional Super Soaker allows you to fill the reservoir with air, which in turn creates a pressurized blast of water. This would not be a safe option as common plastic bottle risk an explosion caused by the pressure. But at just $7.99, this one’s a must have for the Summer time.

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