• SPACE, the self-sustained transportable home carved out of an up-cycled shipping container

  • space.jpg
    Shipping containers these days are being given a new lease to life, more like a retirement scheme after they’re done serving at sea. Designers and architects have turned shipping containers into malls, restaurants, designer homes and emergency makeshift homes too! Now, a team of designers from Houston, Texas, have designed a self-sustained solar powered home, using a shipping container. This house, called the SPACE (Solar Powered Adaptive Container for Everyone), uses an up-cycled 20’ x 8’ container hooked on to a solar array that generates up to 5 kilowatts of electricity. The array pours the collected juice into a self-contained battery pack that works as a back-up for 5 days. The home also contains a renewable energy management system that prevents energy wastage and uses CFL and LED lighting and an air conditioning system.

    Also, the SPACE home is completely transportable and can be deployed just about anywhere. Also, given that it’s made from a shipping container, this one faces the elements with ease. A perfect structure for a portable office, a trailer park home or a kiosk, the SPACE is a perfect example of recycling, renewable energy use and eco-friendliness.

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