• Solar-powered Bauhaus barge incorporates a green eco-friendly home

  • bauhaus-barge-side.png.492x0_q85_crop-smart.jpgLiving on a boat now gets better with the Bauhaus, a one-of-a-kind exceptionally green vessel with its insides scooped out to make way for a full-fledged home! Dutch by birth, this barge now rests at London and is completely solar-powered, using a 1.7kw PV system and an electric motor. The energy generated off the sun alone is capable of powering up this entire floating home, if you know your living-green basics that is. Also, when unused for sailing purposes, the energy generated can be used to power up electric gadgets or to cook. Also, the Bauhaus steers clear away from gas onboard, simply meaning that you need to rely on the bountiful sun to cook up a decent meal. Living in one of these in a particularly rainy country however wouldn’t do you, or the Bauhaus for that matter, too much good!


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