• SolarKindle charges up your Kindle with energy from the sun!

  • 3.jpgThe Kindle turns greener with this latest launch at eh CES 2012, a solar-powered cover for the beloved e-reader. Called the SolarKindle cover, this one turns the Kindle into a renewable-energy-powered device, enabling you to enjoy your e-books in a greener way. All in all, this is an eco-friendly way to get some reading done, given that the Kindle by itself is an environment-friendly mode to literature, unlike paper-made books that require trees to sacrifice their lives! And powering up a Kindle by solar energy is a cherry on top of a pretty delicious cake after all! Also, the cover sports a built-in 800 lux LED lamp that stays lit for about 50 hours on a fully charged battery. Priced at a pocket pinching $79.99, this cover might cost just as much as a Kindle itself, though it sure makes for a perfectly green accessory!

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