• Solar powered cooler on wheels, the Solar Cool

  • Solar-powered-cooler-on-Tricycle1.jpg
    Ever wondered how that jolly old man on his tricycle keeps those ice-creams he sells cool on hot summer days? Fossil fuel generators or electricity powered ones maybe. Well, you don’t really need to think all that much, especially with a contraption like this. Designed by Aija Golubeva, the Solar Cool is more of a cart and is a green way to keep those popsicles from melting into a not-so-appetizing liquid. This one uses solar energy to keep things cool. And no, that wasn’t just an oxymoron. The more heated the day, the cooler this one gets, with the use of solar panels imbedded in a membrane that connect to solar charge regulators generating around 35W a day.

    With a 40 liter tank, the Solar Cool’s cooling unit can also be removed to hook up to the grid and charge during the night, taken that the cooler requires around 64W of electricity every now and then to keep the temperature just right.

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