• Solar powered cell phone charger promises 6 to 20 times more efficiency

  • joosorange.jpg
    The latest unveiling from Solar Components-‘Joos Orange’, sure has heads turning. This solar powered cell phone charger is supposed to be 6 to 20 times more efficient than its present competitors in terms of “3G cell phone talk time per hour of sun”. According to Solar Components, ‘Joos Orange’ can deliver up to 120 minutes of cell phone talk time per hour while its competitors are way behind at 20 minutes per hour of sun. Solar Components is also providing an enhancement accessory called a reflector which can further increase the efficiency of this device.

    Let us hope the ‘Joos Orange’, which supposed to be launched in June and priced at a very reasonable rate of $100 can deliver what it promises. This device sure offers a very efficient alternative to using conventional energy for charging mobile devices like cell phones.

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