• Sky scraper of the future uses intelligent skin for power generation and rainwater collection

  • 4.jpgSky scrapers of the future will be nothing like those silly boxy structures we see in metropolitan cities around the globe today. Judging by this design, we sure expect some pretty futuristic structures in the future, which would probably scare the life out of visiting aliens. The tower designed by Vahan Misakyan might just find its place in city of Yerevan in Armenia, and at first sight, it does look intimidating with that insect-like design. But it isn’t really isn’t what you’d expect from a structure like this. This one has a clean and green soul! The structural geodesics of this building are linked with habitable bridges, with the tower using a rain water collection system integrated in its skin, besides photovoltaic cells and wind turbines.

    Based on geodesics, soft transitions between the vertical and horizontal planes peeling of the ground, the structure will play home to offices, residences, and a hotel. Indeed a great design by Misakyan.

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