• Sharp unveils world’s most efficient LED ceiling lamps

  • Sharp-LED-Ceiling-Light-1.jpg
    LED lighting for your home gets greener than it already is, with Sharp’s new square ceiling lights. Available in three models, small, medium and large, depending on your room size, these lights are 1.6 times more energy efficient than conventional LED lights. Using direct illumination and high-efficiency LEDs used in LCD technology, the small-sized model sports a luminous efficiency of 81.3 lumens per watt, making it top the LED industry! And that’s not all. These lights can also have their brightness and color tone adjusted with 10 different steps, offering about a 103 different variations in brightness and color.

    Costing 55,000 yen for the large room model, 45,000 yen for the medium room model, and 35,000 yen for the small room model, these lights are sure to keep your home’s electricity bills shorter than ever!
    Via – [Newlaunches]

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