• Samsung Blue Earth the green mobile with solar cells

  • samsung_solar_powered_blue_earth.jpg
    Samsung Blue Earth as featured before combines the latest multimedia features and stylish design harmoniously, while achieving lower energy consumption and incorporating eco-friendly materials. There is an “eco-mode” which will optimize Bluetooth, screen brightness and backlight duration. Even the user interface has been designed in such a way that it draws the users’ attention to preserving the fragile environment. For the extreme trekkers out there the phone has an “Eco Walk” function allows users to count their steps with a built in pedometer and calculate the reduction in CO2 emission realized by walking as opposed to using a motor vehicle. It features a 3.2 MP camera, touch screen, music and video players, FM radio, Bluetooth, 3G and a microSDHC slot.

    The Samsung Blue Earth’s most distinctive feature of the device however is undoubtedly the largish solar panel found at the back of the phone. The panels allow the device to be charged whenever there is sunlight. It will generate enough electricity to make a call even when you have squeezed the maximum out of the battery.
    Via [UnwredView]

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