• Ritz-Carlton to use eco-friendly, environment friendly and decomposable water bottles

  • las-vegas-ritz-carlton.jpgThe hotel industry is giving itself a deep green shade as the days go by. Soon the holidays and vacations we spend in places like these will be a green affair, with hotels like Marriot International and Ritz-Carlton opting for greener practices. Well here’s yet another green exploit by Ritz-Carlton. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company is now offering environmentally-friendly water bottles at its North American hotels and a few select properties in the Caribbean. Ritz-Carlton have hit themselves across the head and have come to realize the pollution they’ve been causing disposing off millions of 16oz plastic bottles every year, made of crude oil with less than 20% sent for recycling.

    The hotel chain has joined hands with PrimaTM, and has come up with a co-branded bottle made 100% from plants that can decompose in 30 days in commercial composting facility and can be reprocessed and remade 100% into new bottles. Manufacturing these bottles also requires 49% less fossil fuels, 45% less energy, and 75% less greenhouse gases than a PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) classic bottle. Sipping water at a Ritz-Carlton has never been a greener affair before.

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