• Renault will launch an Electric Vehicle with zero fuel emission

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    Many electric vehicles have been manufactured in the past, but looking at Renaults history in manufacturing small but efficient and spacious cars has caught my attention with their announcement that they will be launching a new electric vehicle based on the Twizy Z.E. Concept. Like their modus operandi, their penchant for making small, easy to maneuver and comfortable cars, this EV will also come alive with the same characteristics. It is a two-seater with zero emission and will fully meet all sustainable urban mobility needs. It looks pretty cool to me, and resembles some kind of a space vehicle. As long as it focuses on zero fuel emission, it is an environment friendly vehicle. The Twizy goes into production in 2011 alongside Mégane Hatchback, Mégane Estate, Modus and Grand Modus.
    [Green Autoblog]

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