• Renault Picnic zero-emission car for urban landscapes

  • renault-picnic-car1.jpg
    Renault has come up with the design of a zero-emission concept car that is ideal for picnic gatherings. The company plans to make it like an urban furniture where people can sit around and have fun, enjoying the nature and be glad to be born on earth. You will feel elated that you are having a good time and also saving the environment from various dangers – from carbon footprints to plastic waste, that of course, if you use only recyclable plates and glasses. The car features LED-impregnated DOL that allows adjustable and customizable tinting patterns giving the car the look of an art canvas. The doors will be conveniently programmed to allow you to push open and sit around chit chatting or eating. You can even attach a bicycle with the rear bumper and can arrange some extra sittings with tailgate rumble seats that slides-out from the front trunk. The Renault Picnic will also have a low-cost and minimalist dashboard with iPod compatibility.

    Other eco-friendly features include the exterior panels composed of hemp-based composites, Lithium Ion batteries, two rear-mounted in-wheel hub motors and soy-foam seats. Looks like a great idea but will it happen? Let’s pray!

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