• ReCellular recycles millions of cell phones reducing e-waste by 1.6 million pounds

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    ReCellular, a cell phone recycling company, recycled 5 million cell phones last year and reduced e-waste landfills by 1.6 million pounds which included 600,000 pounds of hazardous materials. Though this is a very minor contribution to solving the e-waste problem, which is already very huge and is expected to grow 4-5 times over the next 10 years in countries like India and China, many other companies are joining in to do their share of recycling. Morever, recycling e-waste also leads to reclamation of many precious metals such as copper, silver and gold which are used in circuit boards. If a larger number of electronic equipment is recycled, it could reduce the amount of these metals to be extracted by mining, thus preserving ecological balance.

    Recellular collected around 15,000 phones per day for recycling in the last year. Out of which, they were able to extract 945,000 pound of metals. More companies like ReCellular are required before the e-waste problem becomes too big to handle.

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