• P.U.M.A – A compact two-seater electric vehicle for the metros

  • P.U.M.A.jpg
    What does P.U.M.A stand for? Well it is expanded to Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility vehicle. And this is the latest project by General Motors. They have teamed up with Segway Inc to shape up this prototype two-seat electric vehicle. All set to show its true colors in New York, this petite electric vehicle promises outstanding performance for an affordable price. This upright two-wheeler can accommodate two people and also comes with a windshield to protect from wind, rain, sun and pollution too. P.U.M.A also boasts of a top speed of 35 miles per hour and a range of 35 miles with its small lithium-ion batteries. Roll over for more images of this two-wheeled Segway PT look-alike with a hood……..


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