• Powered by solar energy, the Life Cube is a temporary home for the disaster hit

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    Disaster hit places face a load of problems, including temporary space to live. That’s where the Life Cube comes into play. This inflatable home works best in disaster relief, a small but great place to live temporarily. Measuring 4×4 feet, the Life Cube includes food and water too, essentials required for human survival. Throw in a few dollars more, and the Life Cube boasts electricity too! Equipped with a solar-powered system, low level, but enough to generate electricity to satisfy needs, the Life Cube also has its own lighting and an electric pump too.

    With a base of 144 square feet, the Life Cube works better than a tent, taken that it’s water proof and can be stored easily. Also, its solar power options make it all the more practical and better to use.

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