• Pavilion made from recycled and reused milk crates by Ann Ha and Behrang Behin

  • Milk-crates-pavilion-1.jpg
    Just a while ago, we came across a pavilion made out of reused beer crates. This time around, the crates previously contained no alcohol, just milk. Using recycled and reused milk crates, this pavilion was put up by designers Ann Ha and Behrang Behin. The designers, winners of the City of Dreams Pavilion competition of this year’s Figment Festival, came up with this 10-foot tall, tent-like structure using white Admar Plastics milk crates. Besides being used to form the pavilions body structure, these crates also act as suspended beds for plants inside.

    Amazing and totally green, we just love the way crates are being recycled and reused to form some beautiful pieces of architecture!

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