• Ori Mishka’s Soil Table misinterprets green living for a not-so-useful concept

  • soil-table-1.jpg
    Ever dreamt of eating with on cold soil? Well, you probably wouldn’t need to go out into the wild just for that experience. Gather up your family and sit down for a meal at the Soil Table. You might just end up being tickled by something rather strange below the table though, and before you really are astounded, we’ll warn you just exactly what’s down there. Plants! Yes you got that right, plants growing right out of your table. Now this might seem weird to the conformist mind, but might seem greatly appealing to someone in love with nature and innovation. The Soil Table wouldn’t work much as an ideal dinner table for your family though the concept of hanging plants upside down somewhat reminds us of torture chambers. These green buddies, in this case ferns, grow from below the table surface.

    Designer Ori Mishka probably wanted to put to use all the water he usually spills on the table while eating, which would work just well to keep these hanging green friends of ours free from thirst.

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