• Opel unveils One Euro energy-efficient electric car at Frankfurt Motor Show

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    When it comes to creating an eye-catching electric that’s bound to make just as many heads turn as a roaring Lamborghini that drinks more fuel than a dipsomaniac, Opel seems to have got it just right! The GM subsidiary recently unveiled the all-electric One Euro Car at the Frankfurt Motor Show and the name itself says a lot of this one’s fueling habits. The car is expected to consume just one Euro worth of energy per 100 kilometers, or so Opel hopes. Also, it’s expected to sport a top speed of 120kmph, good enough to satisfy most city dwellers who pull their cars out to work daily.

    And as for the price, Opel chose to keep that one a secret, simply mentioning that this green set of wheels will be priced inexpensively.
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    Opel-two-seat- electric-One-Euro-Car-concept-3.jpg
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