• NTT integrates photovoltaic cells and a solar water heater into one module to boost efficiency

  • PV-Battery-and-Water-Heater.jpg
    Solar powered water heaters are known to have owners cribbing about efficiency at times. So, the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp (NTT) came up with a clever way to increase heating efficiency by simply integrating photovoltaic (PV) cells and a solar-based water heater into one module. This helps increase the conversion efficiency of the PV cells. Using four pieces of Sanyo Semiconductor Co Ltd’s amorphous silicon (Si) PV cells in a sloping stair-like case, the module works as a solar panel when out of water and generates electricity from the sun’s rays. On filling this one up with water, the reflection of the water-surface helps increase efficiency of the solar cells too!

    Innovative indeed, integrating photovoltaic cells and a solar water heater sure seems to be an efficient way to generating some renewable energy.

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