• New Toyota Prius system can be used as a home-electricity backup!

  • The Toyota Prius has been deemed to be one of the greenest cars money could buy. This bestselling plug-in hybrid just got greener, with Toyota’s inclusion of a new feature in the “Prius” hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) and the “Prius PHV” plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). A simple tweak to the Prius now allows users to hook the Prius to homes and use the car’s energy in case of power outages.

    The Prius’ battery pack can be used as an additional power backup and can be commissioned to juice home appliances. Capable of supporting a voltage of 100V and wattage of 1,500W, the function costs an additional $789. An innovative way to interconnect homes and plug-in hybrids, this system could do extremely well, particularly in areas that face constant power outages.


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