• Motorcycle Man Sculpture made from recycled metal, an art installation

  • MotorcycleMan.jpeg.jpgWe’ve seen Optimus Prime and his cronies made out of recycled trash before. Now here’s yet another sculpture, not a Transformer, though equally breathtaking and amazing. Put together from scrap, this life sized Motorcycle Man Sculpture is an art installation by Robosteel and is based on a sketch by design artist Simon Roberts. Using recycled metal, the sculpture took 750 hours of tedious work to construct. Unlike them Transformers, this sculpture was made purely out of imagination, without the help of two Hollywood flicks to help get the picture straight.

    Straight out from a sketch and conceived from recycling, we can’t stop marveling at this beautiful piece of art. So will Hollywood create a movie on a recycled robot? We’d love that!

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