• Metalback, the environment friendly bike fueled with biodiesel

  • metalback_motorcycle_concept.jpg
    Bikers and their mean machines is the fastest and hottest thing on every city street. Well, here’s a chance for them to go green and do the environment a favor by using the newest biodiesel powered motorcycle on the block, the Metalback. Designed by a guy with bikes on his mind, Jordan Meadows, the Metalback somewhat reminds one of a bullet ready to zip thru the air. The bike makes across the asphalt using a V4 engine that drinks up biodiesel to power itself. Another green fact about this bike is, its body is made out of recycled aluminum. Using a special finish on its body, this bike can stand the tests of weather elements through time.

    The Metalback also shuns the use of paint that causes the environment a load of pain, and prefers to go naked. So watch this bike go as it turns a whole new leaf of diesel powered environment friendly motorcycling.

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