• Maserati Tramontane is a luxury supercar Electric Vehicle

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    Designer Ondrej Jirec’s college project has been receiving accolades from the EV fanatics’ world over. The Maserati Tramontane is a concept vehicle that was conceived not to be a part of some EV competition, but primarily as a luxury supercar in its own right. It is mainly designed for scenic winding roads. The design personifies simplicity and is a beautiful blend of exterior and interior elements. The slippery, aerodynamic overall shape is the most eye-catching aspect of the concept’s design. At 4,250mm (167 inches) in length the Maserati Tramontane is just 50mm (2 inches) shorter than the Lamborghini Gallardo.

    The 1,170mm (46 inches) height is almost identical to the Gallardo.The proposed drivetrain for the concept is an all-electric setup. The front wheels are driven by one electric motor, while the rear wheels each get their own motor.
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