• London’s new black electric taxis with zero emission ready to hit the roads

  • metrocab-2After approving the superhighway for cyclists, London is taking a step further in being an eco-friendly city. A new electric black taxi could well replace the common diesel fuelled taxi on London streets very soon. The black taxis will be zero emission and they will emit 75% less carbon dioxide than the ordinary London Taxi. The electric cab called as the Metrocab was being test driven for a year, and now it has finally got license to run on London streets. The Metrocab looks gorgeous from outside because of its long chassis and panoramic glass roof. It has a seating capacity for seven people, the insides have a USB charging socket, and colour TV displays. The car is also fitted with a digital infotainment system, hands free phone, air con, and air suspension.

    The Metrocabs entirely powered by electricity, but it also has a small petrol engine to recharge the car’s batteries. The cab also has a mains electrical outlet through which it can be charged. Because of its less fuel consumption, the Metrocab will save London drivers £14,000 an year.








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