• LG Remarq – A green phone for social networking by Sprint

  • LG-Remarq.jpg
    Here’s a smart phone people with a green mindset would die for. Sprint recently unveiled the LG Remarq, an environment friendly green phone that keeps social networking in the spotlight. The phone’s plastic body is made out of 19% recycled plastic. With low levels of PVC and BFR, the phone’s charger makes sure it meets Energy Star requirements too. That’s not all. The phone’s packing is green too and is made out of 87% recycled cardboard. The company shunned the use of a paper manual, opting for a online one instead.

    The phone boasts a slide-out QWERTY keypad with a 1.3 megapixel camera. With a microSD memory card slot in its belly, the phone also packs a stereo Bluetooth. Besides this, a preloaded application will inform you on the improvement on your carbon footprint by walking instead of driving. With pre-installed Facebook and Twitter apps, it’s free with a two-year plan and $70 in rebates.

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