• Keyboard-covered walls by Sarah Frost is apt for eco-dens

  • Keyboard-covered-walls-1.jpg
    We all know that computers are man’s great invention after cheese. But the aftermath of the products is what always causes concern in the more eco-friendly folk. If a second hand buyer does not find the system appealing then what happens of it? Designer Sarah Frost though out of the box – literally. She thought, why not use the left over aura of a person from their keyboards and make some use of it. Like for example arrange it neatly on the wall and voila! You have a new, contemporary idea for your modern shelter.

    Sarah has made an exhibition of her artwork in different formats, permutations and combinations of walls that are keyboard key covered. Some of her work called ‘Debris’ and ‘Qwerty’ all come across as a unique pattern of white and black keyboards she felt was of better use on canvas than thrown away into oblivion by some techno-infested individual seeking updated version persistently.
    [Trendhunter And PSFK]

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