• Ikea to offer free electric charging at their Canadian stores

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    Ikea has announced that all twelve of their stores in Canada will offer electric charging to clientele. These Level 2 stations will be free to use and all stations will be outfitted with two stations. Each of these will charge 60 amps. Customers will be services at these stations on a first-come-first-serve basis. The service will be provided through Sun Country Highway. Brendan Seale, Ikea’s Sustainability Manager said, “Electric vehicle charging stations are an important step on IKEA Canada’s continuing journey towards sustainability.”

    This could well be the beginning of retail outlets buying into the idea of dishing out free electric charging for hybrids, with the motive of… well, let’s leave that out for now. Our source claims that over 5,000 electric vehicles have been sold in Canada. The Tesla Model S has been the hybrid of choice for motorists there.

    [Via – Bmwblog]

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