• Hornblower Hybrid ferry reduces carbon footprints on blue waters

  • Hornblower_Hybrid_ferry_1.jpg
    Locating an ideal getaway for the holidays on internet is one thing and visiting that place is another. Weather its flying or sailing, the carbon footprints are significantly detrimental for our environment. So how can one reach out for those far-off islands for a fun-filled weekend without any carbon trails? Alcatraz Cruises has come up with a green idea by launching an eco-friendly Hornblower Hybrid ferry. Powered with two wind turbines and a solar array, this multi-hulled boat is roomy enough to ferry about 160 visitors to Alcatraz from San Francisco. Though its isn’t a 100% green alternative to the regular gas-guzzling catamarans, this hybrid ferry sails on Tier 2 marine diesel engines that are supposed to be greener. And when it idles on the shores or runs in low propulsion mode, the alternatively charged batteries come into action.

    The green sail boat also boasts of a recycled d├ęcor that includes carpets and counters made from vodka bottles. A second hybrid ferry is also on the cards.

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