• Harvest City, a green floating hope for Haiti

  • Harvest-City-1.jpg
    Haiti has been through testing times of suffering and the world is looking for ways for the land to develop and be complete again. One such proposal is collaboration between Boston architect and designer E. Kevin Schopfer and Tangram 3DS, the Harvest City. Basically an industrial and agricultural floating city that might just find its place of the shores of Haiti, the Harvest City can house up to 30,000 residents and can be a community in itself. The city is designed to be ecologically sustainable covering a 2 mile diameter with tethered floating modules. With a linear canal system dividing it into four separate zones, the green city will also be resistant to hurricanes and typhoons, owing to its low profile, low draft dead weight capacity and perimeter wave attenuators.

    A development like this could just help Haiti get on to its feet again and recover form the devastation left behind by the recent natural calamity.

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