• Hand-powered dishwasher for the outdoors

  • Hand-powered-dishwasher.jpg
    Most of us carry plastic table-ware on trips to the outdoors that can be disposed off quickly. Well, since the world’s turning into a plastic waste-land gradually, it’s better late than never to begin trimming the use of plastic. Designer David Stockton has come up with a pretty impressive way to carry out your table-ware to the outdoors and have them washed too! Portable and easy to use, this dishwasher and dinner-set holder combined works just fine and kicks the use of plastic disposables out. To power it up, all you need to do is set the crank-shaft rotating, helping you pack a bit of muscle at the same time too!

    The only drawback of this one though, is a steady need of a water supply, which in the outdoors, can be a bit difficult at times.

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