• Finnair to use cooking oil to power its flights to New York

  • finnair-airplaneThere’s something good cooking at Finnair! Very recently, this Finnish airline announced flights from Helsinki to New York powered by an environmentally sustainable biofuel. Simply put, Finnair plans to fly planes using cooking oil. To do so, the airliner will use biofuel by SkyNRG Nordic, a joint venture between SkyNRG and Statoil Aviation. This biofuel is manufactured from cooking oil recycled from restaurants and will work as a better alternative to conventional jet fuel.

    With this, Finnair hopes to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions and substantially lighten it carbon footprint. Quoting Finnair’s Vice President of Sustainable Development Kati Ihamäki, “Finnair is committed to working further with industry partners and government bodies alike to help develop the biofuel supply chain and bring down the cost of sustainable biofuel for everyday use.” Currently, air traffic contributes to 2% of all greenhouse gas emissions and Finnair is looking forward to changing this for the greener good.

    [Via – Luxury-Travel-Magazine]

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