• Energy-efficient Green Voyager yacht by Kingship will hit production soon

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    Yachts seem to be going greener by the day with more and more eco-friendly and environment friendly vessels taking to the seas. We’ve had our share of the solar powered Poseidon and the hybrid Transcendence before. To join the green fleet of green yachts, here’s yet another one, the Green Voyager by Kingship. To commence construction this year, this 45m yacht is the first one below 50 meters to be built under Green Plus standards. Using energy efficient and eco-friendly features like heat reflecting glass, high efficiency insulation, heat recovery, heat pump calorifiers, gas treatment, ultra efficient props and bio lubes. The vessel’s design enables it to reduce power demand by 20% with 16% more propulsion efficiency.

    The Green Voyager also uses Siemens SiShip Eco-Prop systems, lowering energy consumption. This one sure will make its owner swell up in pride for its green heart.
    Via – [Luxurylaunches]

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