• Eco-friendly aircrafts, with 70% less fuel consumption than present day Boeings by MIT

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    The skies above us go greener by the day as the aviation industry constantly upgrades to cleaner and more eco-friendly and environment-friendly means to have its passengers flying. The guys at MIT have come up with designs for a green aircraft, extremely eco-friendly, taken that it consumes 70% less fuel than the planes above today.

    The MIT-led team, with a $2.1 million NASA grant, came up with the N+3 airplane. Why this confusing name? it simply states that the plane is three generations ahead of the ones we have today. The team has designed two aircrafts, a 180-passenger D “double bubble” series, which will push the good old Boeing 737 out of the skies, and the 350-passenger H “hybrid wing body” series, that will outdate the Boeing 777. These planes will be 10 percent slower though, but that makes up for the loading and unloading time taken. By 2035, we should have some of these taking off our international airports.

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