• Eco-Décor – Calliope glass mosaic tiles recycled out of waste glass

  • Hakatai_CalliopeSeries.jpg
    Liven up your bath area or jazz up the kitchen wall with these glass mosaics recycled out of waste glass products like bottles and more. Ideal to add a touch of glamour to your patio too, the latest green Calliope series by Hakatai will help to rejuvenate your décor in an uber-chic eco-style. These tiles comprise of approximately 50 percent of waste glass which is a mix of approximately 90 percent post-consumer and 10 percent pre-consumer material. Such a recycling does help to reduce the burden on the landfill and at the same time add a spark in to your home décor.

    Offered in a range of nine garden-inspired shades, the translucent and opaque tiles have delicate swirls of color throughout, giving a beautiful blended look to the series. Plaster them up on the walls, ceiling or floor and boast of an eco-touch-up!

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