• Eco Friendly train that never makes a stop

  • Green Train.jpg
    A Taiwanese inventor has come up with a very Eco Friendly Train system that reduces its environmental impact and increases its efficiency. The idea consists of a “train” racing through a station, at its top velocity of 85 kilometers per hour speed, it rarely averages and if so then it’s somewhere at 35kmph. But instead of a well timed leap or the use of specially trained train pushers, passengers will only need to enter a “boarding” car, which is put in motion ahead of the train’s arrival. After the rear of the traveling train catches up, the boarding car attaches itself to the rest of the boarding cars.

    To get off, a passenger need only move to the correct boarding car which is designated to slip off the traveling train to reach their specific destination. His design has awarded him a bronze medal at the Nuremburg International Inventors Exhibition in Germany, as well as a silver medal at the Taipei International Inventors Exhibition.

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